A Movement object reports cash amounts sent or received in a transfer.

A transfer can move cash multiple times, so transfers have a list of Movement objects rather than a single Movement. For example, a transfer may accept cash of one currency and design and return cash of a different currency and design. Client software should be built to display (or summarize) all movements and loops rather than a single movement per transfer.


Each movement in a transfer is assigned a sequential number, starting from 1. Movement records are never deleted once added to a transfer. Not every profile can see every movement, so there may be apparent holes in the sequence.
The holder or profile that sent the cash.
The holder or profile that received the cash.
A short identifier intended to distinguish the purpose of the movement. Movement action names are still in development and should not be considered stable yet. Transfers started before June 2018 normally have empty action names.
A list of IssuerLoopAmount objects describing what type(s) of cash were moved and how much.
String: the ISO 8601 timestamp of the movement. Movements in transfers started before September 2018 normally use the transfer start time as the timestamp, which may be earlier than the actual movement.

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