An FXParams object specifies the parameters for a currency exchange, including the post-exchange currency and amount, as well as how to perform the exchange.


Required string. The post-exchange ISO 4217 currency (3 uppercase letters.)
Required string containing a decimal amount. Specifies the amount to be sent post-exchange. Examples: 1.00, 25.10, 0.01.
Required string containing a wingcash or username UID. Specifies which WingCash wallet will perform the currency exchange. Only certain WingCash wallets can perform currency exchanges, and only through authorized apps.
Required string containing a decimal number. The rate is the post-exchange amount divided by the pre-exchange amount. For example, if the current rate for USD to MXN exchange is 1 USD = 18.4 MXN, and the pre-exchange and post-exchange currencies are respectively USD and MXN, then rate must be 18.4.
Required string containing the ID of the currency exchange quote that authorized this transfer. Must be in a format that the currency exchange provider specified by holder_uid can use to authorize the exchange.