Access Token
Identifies an app, a profile, and a personal profile for WingCash API calls. Usually passed in the Authorization Header.
Authorization Code
A temporary, confidential identifier used for creating an access token. Required by the Token Endpoint. An authorization code is not an access token and is not accepted for API calls.
Brand Cash
Cash provided by a merchant or network of merchants. Also known as closed loop cash or gift, loyalty, rewards, or promotion cash. Brand cash can be freely transferred between individuals, but merchants do not accept it as payment unless they participate in the specific cash network as a redeemer. Cash pages with a loop_id not equal to 0 are brand cash.
Cash Design
Controls the appearance and movement of a set of WingCash pages. Also known as a loop. When a cash page has a loop_id of 0, it is an open loop cash page and can be sent to anyone who accepts open loop cash. When a cash page has a loop_id other than 0, it is a brand cash page that only specific merchants accept as payment.
Client ID
The ID or name of an app.
Client Secret
A random string that plays a part in authenticating an app. It is similar to a password, but it is longer and generated automatically. To maintain confidentiality, client secrets must be kept on servers only and never sent to web browsers or mobile apps.
Dynamic Web App
A web app with server-side code. Only dynamic web apps can maintain the confidentiality of a client secret.
Gift, Loyalty, Rewards, or Promotion Cash
See Brand Cash.
ISO 4217
Refers to the standard 3 letter currency codes. The code for US dollars is USD.
ISO 8601

An international standard date/time format. WingCash produces and expects ISO 8601 time stamps in the following format:

YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS[.ssssss] [Z, +00:00, or time zone]


  • 2015-07-01T12:31:45Z
  • 2015-07-01T12:31:45.987654+00:00

WingCash normally provides any date and time information in UTC (the worldwide reference time zone, also known as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT, and abbreviated as Z). When no time zone is given, UTC is intended.

See Cash Design.
A standard mechanism of authenticating for an API (Application Programming Interface). OAuth2 is fairly simple to use, but if you need all the details, see RFC 6749.
Open Loop Cash
Cash provided by an open loop provider. Also known as National Currency. All WingCash merchants accept open loop cash. Cash pages with a loop_id of 0 are open loop cash.
Payment Code
A short numeric code that confirms payment at a cash register. Payment codes make the process of paying with electronic cash simple, even for people without a mobile device.
A four digit code that allows users to refresh access tokens. The PIN is accepted by the POST /token/refresh API call, but is not accepted as a substitute for a password when users log in.
A person or business that is a member of WingCash. Every profile has a wallet.
Static Web App
A web app with little reliance on server-side code. Static web apps are not capable of maintaining the confidentiality of a client secret.
A normalized string that identifies a person or business. See UID.