Getting Started With the OPN API

What is OPN?

The OPN (Open Payment Network) API defines the protocol for accessing WingCash, a system for transacting in electronic cash. You can hold cash in your electronic wallet and pay for products and services by sending cash from your wallet to businesses or other people. Cash can also be sent to an account at a bank or credit union. Unlike other forms of payment, cash transfers are free, immediate, and final.

OPN for Developers

The OPN API lets you access WingCash from a mobile device, desktop app, or web site. Using the API, you can build applications that handle money without transaction fees, delays, or chargebacks.

OPN API calls are protected by an access token that identifies an app, a profile, and a personal profile; all API actions are carried out in the name of a particular profile. Every access token has a limited set of permissions granted to it.

Create a WingCash App

Software developers can create a WingCash app by visiting this URL in a web browser:

Enter an app title and optionally a web site and description. Apps you have created (or which have been shared with you) are listed here:

Visit the app’s Edit tab to get the client ID and client secret for use in the OAuth2 Authorization Flow. If you intend to use the Implicit Grant flow, set the app’s redirect URI and check the Implicit Grant checkbox in the Authorization Flows field. You can also upload an image that represents your app.

Visit the Test tab to get a temporary access token for trying out API calls. You can also use the Test tab to temporarily revoke your own access to the app, allowing you to test the experience for new app users.

Initially, only you can view or test the app. To share the app with other developers and testers, visit the Permissions tab and grant specific people the Test permission. Only people with the Edit permission can see and change the client secret. People with the Manage permission can grant and revoke all permissions.

When your app is ready to release, send a request to Specify what URL name you would like for your app; for example, if your app’s title is “MyExample”, you might request the URL If WingCash approves your app, WingCash will make your app public so anyone can use it.

Resources for Developers

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