Funding Proxy API Calls

To integrate with banking networks, WingCash supports a concept called a funding proxy. A funding proxy is a proxy (or “stand-in”) for a WingCash wallet for funding purposes. When a funding proxy receives money from an authorized source, WingCash automatically funds the wallet and places the money in an issuer account. If your app has the correct permission, you can use this API to query and create funding proxies.

Get or Create a Funding Proxy

POST /fundproxy/get-ach

Get or create a matching funding proxy for the ACH network. Requires WingCash Basic App Authentication, so this must be called by server software rather than a mobile device or desktop computer.

This call is idempotent. You may use either GET or POST.

App Permission Required

get_fund_proxy. See Permissions.

Request Headers
Request JSON Object
  • routing_number (string) – Required. The 9 digit ACH routing number where the funds will be received. WingCash will provide this number to you.
  • issuer_uid (string) – Required. A UID of the business who will issue the cash. The UID type must be either wingcash (for profile IDs) or username. The issuer must have the ability to issue USD national currency.
  • distributor_uid (string) – Optional. A UID of the business who will receive the cash from the issuer, then send it immediately to the recipient. The UID type must be either wingcash (for profile IDs) or username.
  • recipient_uid (string) – Required. The UID of the recipient. The UID type must be either wingcash (for profile IDs) or username.
  • appdata.* (string) –

    Optional app-specific transfer data, one value per field. Replace the * with field names appropriate for your app. WingCash recommends you use an app-specific field name prefix, so if you choose myapp as a prefix and you want to store a transaction_id field, you should name your field appdata.myapp.transaction_id. All appdata values will be added to transfers initiated by this funding proxy. You may add a total of up to 10,000 characters (the total number of characters in keys and values) of appdata.

    If you provide appdata, WingCash will filter the results of this call accordingly.

Status Codes
  • 200 OK

    Successful. The response body is a JSON list of objects, each with the following attributes:

    • routing_number - Matches the routing number parameter.
    • account_number - Generated automatically.
    • created - The UTC ISO 8601 date when the funding proxy was created.
    • appdata.* - The appdata that was provided when the funding proxy was created.

    More than one funding proxy or account number may match, in which case the most recently created funding proxy will be listed first.

  • 400 Bad Request – A parameter was invalid or incorrect. See InvalidRequest.
  • 401 Unauthorized – The authentication credentials were missing or incorrect.
  • 403 Forbidden – The app does not have permission to use this call. The response body will have more details.