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FleetCor Deutschland GmbH manages relationships with more than 800 partners, ranging from major oil companies to small petroleum marketers with a single fueling location. We also provide a wide variety of services ranging from transaction processing to full program management. Our platforms and programs are both adaptable and scalable, allowing us to fulfill the requirements of a broad range of partners.

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Over the last one decade, FleetCor Deutschland GmbH has grown from regional fleet card business to global leader in specialized workforce payments. We provide shell fuel cards for our customers. With these cards they can enjoy the benefits of the extensive network of Shell which has approximately 2,200 filling stations in Germany. In addition to this, the euro shell multicard is also accepted by some 2,800 additional stations of Shell partner, Total, Esso and AVIA in Germany.

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Konigstorgraben 11 Nuremberg 90402


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