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Our unique programs combine space exploration with a simulated, futuristic adventure experience using science, math and critical thinking skills. We combine this with state-of-the-art technology to educate and inspire children and adults of all ages. Our simulated missions allow children to travel to distant destinations in the galaxy to experience oceans, planets, nebulae, stars, black holes, and galaxies.

Participants encounter fictional races and life forms in very realistic and interactive dramas. Each participant becomes a crew member and has his/her own position on the bridge of the ship. Participants step into an exciting and entertaining science fiction adventure as they use their talents and skills to deal with historical, social and political conflict. We offer missions for School Field Trips, Corporate and Team Building Trainings, Birthday Parties and other Private and After School events. Begin your adventure with us by booking your mission today!

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886 West 2600 North Pleasant Grove UT 84062


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