Life is Better With Cash.

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The Hidden Beauty of Cash

Everyone loves cash. When you receive cash, you can save, deposit, or spend it immediately. There are no fees and you can both see exactly where the money is going.

However, there are problems with physical cash. Physical cash can be lost or stolen. It's difficult to pay someone far away using physical cash. Payment cards are an alternative but they come with fees, delays, chargebacks, and identity theft.

WingCash solves these problems by safely and securely putting cash online. Once money is in your WingCash wallet, it's yours to spend or save. Transfers between WingCash members are free, immediate, and final. WingCash is about exchanging money the old fashioned way, only better.

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The Value of Cash

Cash has more than just monetary value:

  • With cash you're in control. No one but you can send money from your wallet.
  • A dollar sent is a dollar received.
  • Cash doesn't need overdraft protection. You can only spend the cash you have.
  • Anyone can hold cash.

WingCash preserves the benefits of cash. Other payment systems have complications that lead to higher costs for everyone. Life is better with cash!

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Gift, Loyalty, and Rewards Cash

Got gift cards? Your pile of gift cards is probably collecting dust. They don't fit in your wallet and you're not sure how much value they still have. How much money would you have saved if you had used them?

Buy gift cash instead. It's easy for your favorite local shops to offer gift cash. WingCash holds all your gift, loyalty, rewards, and promotional cash in one place for easy access. You always know exactly how much you have at any time. Gift cash never expires. When you pay using WingCash, WingCash automatically suggests you spend your gift cash first. You can even give gift cash to your friends while keeping some for yourself.

Are you a merchant? How would you like to create your own unique form of cash and use that cash to reward loyal customers and generate larger, more cost-efficient sales? Gift cash is priced competitively so that small merchants can offer gift cash. You can even set up agreements with other merchants and create bundled offers.

Give it a Spin

Try WingCash today and find out what everyone is talking about! Sign up or see our two minute video. If you're a merchant or you would just like to know more, we invite you to send us an email or give us a call at 801-839-4010.

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